Angel Food Cake

Ah, what to do with egg whites? Either you have them, and cannot think of a way to use them up, or have a recipe that calls for too many and you end up with egg yolks for Africa…. Not this time! Thanks to a lovely meal of carbonara with penne liche (you can’t find penne liche in New Zealand, only the ones with ribbing, so this was a special occasion) I had the means to finally tick Angel Food Cake off the baking to-do list.
This recipe only uses 5 whites, where as most recipes I found use at least 10, so it was a good thing that the tin I borrowed was small. Next time I would add a bit less sugar, but a I have never tried an Angel Food cake before this, maybe that is how they are supposed to be, a bit sticky. And hey, omit the cream on top and there is little fat to be found! I was say this is great for dieters but…. just because there is not much fat doesn’t make it healthy, let’ be honest.
None the less it was delicious, and I am glad to have finally made it. When I think of the cake I am reminded of Woodstock and his little gang from Peanuts Comics for some reason, I think he or one of the other little birds has an obsession with Angel Food Cake with Seven Minute Frosting….

Angel Food Cake

5 egg whites
½ tsp white vinegar
½ cup sugar
+1/2 cup flour and ¼ cup sugar

To serve:
Whipped cream
Berries, fresh or defrosted

Preheat the oven to 160 degrees Celsius. DON’T grease the pan! I used a 10cm deep, 25cm diameter ring/Angel Food cake pan.
Whip the egg whites with the vinegar until soft peaks form. Add the first lot of sugar gradually and whip until stiff peaks form. Mix the flour and second lot of sugar together. Fold into the egg whites, gently, until combined. Spread evenly into the cake tin. Bake for about half an hour, until lightly golden brown on top. Remove from the oven and cool the tin upside down.
When cool, use a knife to loosen the cake and flip it onto a plate. Spoon the whipped cream on top and decorate with berries. Serve.
Makes about 12 slices as big as the ones in the photos!

It’s that easy. I forgot how easy it would be to just whip egg whites and fold in flour, but I won’t complain!


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