Jamie’s Toffee Apple Tart

Just as good as it sounds, I assure you. So good in fact, that I only got a picture of the tart before it had been cut, as it disappeared so quickly I didn’t have a chance to afterwards!
Amazingly rich toffee filling (only one can of dulce de leche was used but that was plenty, I promise! That was the only adaptation we did but I would recommend it, otherwise you are in for one sticky, sugary treat!
Make sure you slice the apples nice and thin so they cook into caramelly-appley goodness on top, almost quite pretty….
Here is the link to his recipe:
I don’t usually share the recipes that aren’t my own, but this one was too good to miss!
Have another picture:
The tart screams autumn to me, but it was still enjoyed even though spring is finally sprouting here in Kiwi-Land.
Have a good one 🙂


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