(Vegan/3 ingredient) Blackberry Ice Cream with Passionfruit Sauce

Ice cream can be so easy. I didn’t know! Did you? Coconut cream= delicious vegan ice cream! Yay! Happiness! (Sorry about the pictures, these were snapped moments after the devouring had already begun).

This was made quickly with hand picked berries (many scratches were endured) and hand picked banana passionfruit (that was a bit of a disaster too). All foraged πŸ™‚ You don’t have to make a custard for this ice cream and you don’t have to wait for the mixture to cool either! So if you are a beginner with frozen goodies then fear not. I have an ice cream maker but if you don’t, there are many other methods you can use instead (it sounds silly, but Google it, as there are many people with great tutorials on this!).
(Passionfruit sauce v πŸ™‚ )

Blackberry Ice Cream with Passionfruit Sauce/Swirl
Ice cream:
500g fresh blackberries
50g sugar
400mls coconut cream (you can chill the can beforehand if you like)
400g passion fruit pulp
50g sugar

Make sure the bowl for your ice cream maker is frozen if necessary, and place a container to store your ice cream in in the freezer.
In a food processor, whizz up the berries until very smooth. Add the sugar (if it is even necessary) to taste, a bit at a time. Keep whizzing until the sugar is combined. Pour in the coconut cream, pulse until combined and then churn until frozen (about 10 minutes when I did it!). Transfer to the container and freeze for about 3+ hours.
Meanwhile you can make the sauce/swirl. Boil the passion fruit pulp and sugar until very hot and a lot of the liquid has come out of the seed pods. Push through a sieve until only the seeds remain (you can add a few back to the sauce if you like!) and then continue to boil until thick and syrupy. Cool then chill.
Half an hour before serving, take out the ice cream to warm a bit. If you are using the passionfruit as a sauce, simply serve the ice cream and drizzle the sauce on top. If you want a swirl, mix about the ice cream and ripple the chilled sauce through it. Serve.
(You can swirl the sauce through the ice cream hours before serving if you like, to save time).
Makes about 1 litre of ice cream (enough to serve 8 nicely, I found) and about 75mls of sauce.

This is my creation after it melted a bit…. nice colours though!

Have a nice week everyone πŸ™‚ xx


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