Some Easy Small-Batch Spread Recipes (a Jam and a Curd)

Jam is just wonderful. A celebration of fruit, and with an almost limitless potential for combinations and experiments. And then, there’s the stuff you put it on…. even better!

The whole ‘when life gives you lemons’ phrase comes to mind but really, or at least my philosophy is, ‘when life gives you any fruit, take it immediately and bake with it’.
Same goes for vegetables, you can get dinner for free!


So, if in doubt of what to do with this amazing free fruit, here is the answer: make some jam or curd out of it. We had some leftover plums and grapefruit/oranges/lemons/lemonades from out lovely neighbour’s garden. The plum jam is spread on some no-knead artisan bread (I must post the reicipe) and the curd is on the coconut scones found here.


I don’t like to add too much sugar to jams or curd as I like them to be more fruity-flavoured than sweet. Therefore, these aren’t jams that are going to last forever in the cupboard, sorry! Still, give them a go and swap the fruit around if you like. Any juice of any citrus can be used (you may want to adjust the amount of sugar or honey if you are using extra sour fruit). These small batches are great if you want to use it just to fill a cake or some cookies, or in some ice cream etc!


So, here are the recipes!

Easy-As Plum Jam
250g plums, chopped
Dash of water
100g sugar
Have a clean jar prepared to put the jam in. In a saucepan, heat the plums and bit of water until boiling and add the sugar. Keep boiling until the sugar has dissolved and the jam is nice and thick. Pour into the jar and let cool. Just like that!

Simple Lemon Curd
300mls citrus juice
60g sugar
30g honey
1 egg
Prepare a jar for the curd. In a small saucepan, over low heat, mix all the ingredients together. Boil gently, for about 35 minutes and stir occasionally. When the curd is nice and thick, pour into the jar and cool.
Store these babies in the fridge for about a month.

Happy Baking everyone! 😀

Sami xx


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