Easy Citrus and Coconut Sherbert Ice Cream

Winter approaches down here in NZ…. I sat next to Holly Whittaker of THE chocolate company on the plane yesterday, and she said that it was a booming period for them in the cold months. Not surprising, comfort is needed, and ice cream does that best on hot balmy days.


So here is some nostalgia from our Kiwi summer. If you happen to be enjoying Summertime right now, then even better, here is a super simple recipe to cool down! You can use any citrus you like, and make it to suit your preferences.


Citrus and Coconut Sherbert Ice Cream
200ml coconut cream (Dole style, quite thick)
Zest of one lime and one lemon(ade)
75g white sugar

100ml milk
150ml juice of limes/lemons/lemonades

Mix together all the ingredients (that simple) and churn in an ice cream machine. Freeze for a few hours before serving, otherwise you’ll have to eat it quickly before it melts!


Sami xx


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