Lamington Pops and Drops

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Just a cute idea I came up with in the weekend, adorable wee lamingtons, perfect as canapes! Kiwis and Aussies know lamingtons well, but for those who don’t, they are delicious squares (traditionally) of sponge cake covered in chocolate or raspberry glaze and rolled in coconut; sometimes garnished with some cream and jam. Delicious!


My auntie bought me a cake pop tin (for $4 from the Second Hand store; brand new!) so I decided to use it in the weekend. I haven’t got a specific recipe but I do have instructions in case you would like to make these yourself! They look amazing when stacked in a big tower, and you could make them in lots of different colours if you like.

Lamington Drops and Pops
Sponge cake:
Find your favourite sponge cake recipe (or butter cake) and bake it in either a cake pop tin or cupcake tins. Leave them to cool.
Note: I cut down a sponge recipe to only using one egg, which made 12 pops.
If you use cupcake tins, shave down the cake into a ball (doesn’t have to be exact).
To finish:
Make a thin chocolate or raspberry (using jelly crystals) icing and drop in a pop. Cover completely, then roll in desiccated coconut and let set.
To make the drops into pops, just insert a skewer!

I hope to make lots more variations of these to come!
Have a nice week xx


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