Lemon Slice


Oh this is so good. For those of you who adore the base on cheesecakes, please make this immediately. And it has so few ingredients, with no oven time!


It lives among ginger crunch and caramel slice as classic New Zealand slices, which seem to be called ‘bars’s in other places. Whatever you call them, they are sooooo good. 

If you don’t have lemons on hand but have oranges or grapefruit or limes, you can use any citrus you have on hand. Or a mix, there is always that option!

Lemon Slice
Base: 250g plain biscuits
2/3 cup desiccated coconut
Zest of three lemons
100g butter
1/2 cup condensed milk
75g butter
1 cup icing sugar
Zest and juice of one lemon


Line a 20x25cm baking tin with baking paper. Smash up the biscuits until very fine, in whatever method you prefer. Mix in a bowl with the coconut and lemon zest. Melt together the butter and condensed milk, then mix into the biscuit mixture until all the mixture is coated in buttery goodness. Press evenly into the tin, making sure the slice is compact. Chill in the fridge for an hour at least, until ready to frost. To frost, beat together the butter, icing sugar and lemon juice/zest until pale, smooth and creamy. Spread on top of the slice and chill for 30 minutes at least. Then devour 😀 Makes about 30 squares and lasts up to a week (if it’s not eaten….) in the fridge.


Have a good day everyone 🙂


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