Coconut, Lime and Crabapple Cake {DF and GF}



Birthday season has begun my friends! Happy early or belated birthday (whichever is closer) to any of you wonderful people reading this. If you have some photos of your birthday cake, please comment 😀
This means layer cakes and more layer cakes. Previous efforts include carrot cake, caramel cake, chocolate cake (white and milk), orange and cinnamon… the list goes on 🙂



These photos were snapped at work before the cake was cut and devoured 🙂



If you haven’t used coconut flour before, then try it out! You can probably make it at home too. It’s nut free, gluten free…. and it absorbs liquid like no flour I know. It tastes great too 🙂


Coconut and lime go amazing together, and nana gave me some home made jam from home grown crab apples. Amazing! Rose jelly, quince or pretty much any red-fruit jam would go well too.



Coconut, Lime and Crabapple Cake {DF and GF}
Make two circle cakes using this recipe. Make it using vegetable oil so it’s dairy free!
Add 2 tsp lime zest to the mix.
150g dairy free spread/butter replacer
400g icing sugar
1 tsp lime zest
1/2 cup crabapple jam
Coconut flakes
Lime Zest

Whip the butter-replacer until light and fluffy. Add in the icing sugar a bit at a time, and the lime zest. Add a little dairy free milk if too thick. Whip until light and fluffy. Spread a layer on top of the bottom layer and fill with jam.  Place on the top layer and spread on another layer of frosting. Whip a few teaspoons of jam into the rest of the frosting and pipe the pink frosting in rosettes. Decorate with lime zest and coconut.

Makes 1 cake which feeds about 12 people (well at least). You can make it the day before, as the cake keeps the moisture very well!






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