Mini Whole Wheat Apricot Crepe Cake (DF)(RSF)



Have had this recipe for longer than I care to admit….. anyway, it’s a quick and easy dessert that looks a little fancy and doesn’t require an oven either. Plus it’s refined sugar free too!



I made small crepes and use a tart tin to cut them out and make a pretty scalloped pattern on the sides.



The coconut cream I used to fill them was a little runny but it still tasted good, especially with the apricot filling! Anyway, take care this week everyone and I’ll get onto some more recipes soon 🙂



Mini Whole Wheat Apricot Crepe Cake (DF)(RSF)
1/3 of this recipe with soy milk and dairy free spread
2 apricots
A few blueberries to decorate
1/2 cup coconut cream

Make the crepes in a small pan, or make them to about 15cm diameter. Cut them out with a tart tin or any other cutter that is big enough.
Mash up the apricots and blast the in the microwave for 30 seconds on high, then mix. Repeat two more times until you have a pulp. Let cool.
Whip the coconut cream until stiff peaks form. Start layering the crepes starting with a crepe, some apricot pulp and a thin layer of cream. Repeat until you get to the top layer. Spread on a thick amount of cream and dollop some blobs of cream around the edges. Place a blueberry on each blob and voila, done!

It’s best eaten as soon as it’s made, and serves 2-4 depending on how hungry you are.






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