Butter is Love.

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet 🙂

It is my firm belief that food is love; baking, then, is (one of) the most concentrated form of love of all!

Like many of you lovely people reading this, I have a connection with baking. Whether yours has existed since as long as you remember or you decided to bake something for the first time only moments ago, it’s all still just as special. The first thing I ever remember baking was some gingerbread cookies at the age of three, with help from my father. At age eight, I helped my granddad bake his first cake and things took off completely when I baked cupcakes for my 12th birthday.

We all have some recipes-as well as love-to share. This is my attempt at trying to ‘spread the love’ and I hope you enjoy it!

Although I am sadly not pursuing a career in patisserie this year (After my having my first kitchenless year, I now have a wee flat of my own and am at University to study Law and Arts), baking is still an absolute passion of mine. I hope you enjoy my blog, and don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions or comments!

Keep spreading the love  🙂
Sami x

How do I format my recipes?
Some of you may notice that my recipes are not always in the same measurements (i.e. grams vs cups). This is because I wrote a recipe book a few years back and these were the measurements I chose to use, and I post some of these retrospective recipes occasionally. Nowadays, I tend to use weight measurements for large amounts of ingredients such as flour and sugar and teaspoon measurements for small amounts such as baking powder and spices. I find this much more consistent and free of error!

Where does “Butter is Love” come from?
When I was younger, I remember watching the 2006 film “Last Holiday”, starring Queen Latifah. During the film, a French chef says that “the secret to life is butter”. I went a step further, but this quote is something I hold dear to me!

What do you use to take photos?
Apologies as I am not a photographer and I don’t have a super nice camera 😦 One day! But these photos come from a variety of apparatus. Some from recipes a few years ago used a simple digital camera, some a nice Nokia (called Nina), but many are Samsung and iPhone works.


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