Need a Cake/Some baked love?

I currently live in the Wellington Area of New Zealand, and I am trying to set up a baking/catering service.

I my fortes are cakes, cupcakes and royal-iced cookies, but I also love making tartlets and petit-fours. If you have an event that you need some home-made goodies for, please do not hesitate to contact me and we can chat.

I make all my goods reasonably priced, as I am just in the beginning of this business venture, and you will pay mostly for the ingredients!

Here are some of my works I am proud of (with some suggested prices)
Please note seasonal ingredients could mean restrictions with ingredients~ all recipes for these are available on this blog.

Pansy Pavlova Pansy Decorated Pavlova with Limoncello Cream

20140206_173132 {Cake decoration idea}

IMG_2044 Basic Cupcakes, $1-$1.5o each

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Custard Tartlets, up to $1 each

20140822_205903 {Cake decoration idea}

20131225_145255 {Cake decoration idea}

image {More basic cupcakes, Banana and GF}

IMG_1147 {Cake decoration idea, banana/boysenberry/fresh cream, vegan}

20140111_073335 Blueberry and Lavender Sandwich Cookies $0.50 each

2014-02-02 13.07.54 Lemon and Blueberry Pansy Cake ($20)

20131117_154410 Banana Ring Cake, with lime and toasted coconut, $15

poppa's cake (2)
Chocolate and Berry Cake (4) More Cake decoration ideas

20131027_142214 Healthy Oat and Blueberry Tart with home made quark (thickened yoghurt)

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Sandwich Cookies Peanut butter/chocolate sandwich cookies

Pastel Iced Cookies Royal Iced Cookie Favours

Best Caramel Cake Triple Layer Caramel Birthday Cake ($25-ish)

Carrot Cake Triple Layer Carrot Cake

Best Chocolate Cake Super Big Delicious Chocolate Cake

Belgium Biscuits Belgium Cookie Favours


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